Abdulrazzaq Badran The Abdulrazzaq Badran Photography Award was established in 2010 as an annual recurring event in cooperation with the Jordan Photography Society, honoring the memory of a pioneer Palestinian-Jordanian photographer, cinephotographer, educator & artist.

In its first year (2011), the Award received wide favorable acclaim & recognition from the Jordanian public as a first of its kind family-sponsored & nonprofit award. In its second year (2012), the Award added school children as a new category & started a tradition of awarding winners new cameras, while presenting monetary awards to the professionals category winners. The third year (2013) witnessed a regional expansion of the award that included participants from the State of Palestine.

The Award is judged every year by a different international panel of distinguished photographers through the awards special secure judging website. Winners are announced in a celebration in the Jordanian capital, Amman, which includes an exhibition of the winning photos as well as other participating works.

A.R. Badran was an Arab pioneer. He introduced modern photography and applied arts to Palestine, Kuwait and Jordan. He was also a creative educator, serving as Kuwaits first arts superintendent in the ministry of education. His battlefield coverage as a photo-journalist of the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948 brought the war to Arab readers everywhere. Later in his career, he trained many young Arab photographers on the art and science of photography. His legacy includes rare photographs of British Mandate Palestine as well as pre-independence Kuwait; some can be viewed on this site.

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