Abdulrazzaq Badran Biography

A.R. Badran was an Arab pioneer. He introduced modern photography and applied arts to Palestine, Kuwait and Jordan. He was also a creative educator, serving as Kuwait’s first arts superintendent in the ministry of education. His battlefield coverage as a photo-journalist of the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948 brought the war to Arab readers everywhere. Later in his career, he trained many young Arab photographers on the art and science of photography. His legacy includes rare photographs of British Mandate Palestine as well as pre-independence Kuwait; some can be viewed on this site.

His Life:
-Born in Haifa, Palestine (1917)
-Lived, studied and worked in Palestine, Egypt, Kuwait and Jordan.
-Retired in 1988.
-Passed away in Amman, Jordan (December 2003)

His Education:
-Finished his high school at Al Salahiya School, Palestine, in 1932.
-Graduated from the Applied Arts College in Cairo, Egypt, in 1940.
-Trained at the Agfa-Gevaert training institute in Mortsel, Belgium.
-Completed his studies at the New York Institute of Photography, earning a diploma in professional photography.

His Awards:
-Was awarded Al Nahda First Order Medal by the late King Abdullah I ibn Al Hussein of Jordan.

His Career:
-Worked as an artist and photographer in Jerusalem, Palestine (pre-1948).
-Was a war correspondent and photojournalist for nine months during the 1948 war, reporting for Al Hilal publishing house in Cairo.
-Established Kuwait’s first commercial arts and photography studio in 1949.
-Was commissioned by seven leading oil and construction companies in Kuwait to document their projects in pre-independence Kuwait.
-Planned Kuwait’s first arts curricula for public schools and served as its first arts superintendent in the early 1950s.
-Established the first cinema and photography unit at Kuwait’s Public Security Department.
-Established Kuwait University’s first Scientific Photography Unit in the mid-1960s.
-Established first Scientific Photography unit at Jordan’s Royal Scientific Society in 1975.
-Established Jordan University’s first Scientific Photography unit at the College of Science in 1976 and worked there for 13 years until his retirement.
-Authored “Origins of Arab Ornaments & Persian Islamic Flowering Encyclopedia”